Synchronized Video

Viewer for Synched Video Transcript.

In a nutshell, we synchronize your transcript word for word, with the video, into TWO formats.

Using key technology we create a DVD of the proceeding. This gives you the ability to locate key words or phrases and create and export your own video clips containing both the video and the relevant text. The editing software is included on the DVD at no cost to you. This is all provided in the following formats used in trial, arbitration or court:

  1. TrialDirector – .cms
  2. LiveNote – .lef
  3. TextMap (CaseMap) – .xmef
  4. Case Notebook – .ptz
  5. Sanction – .mdb
  6. Summation – .sbf
  7. Powerpoint
  8. MPEG-2 (for courtroom playback)
  9. MPEG-1 (turn the text on or off)
  10.  WMV format ( allows  you to email clips to your expert, client or co-counsel)

Secondly, we upload the synchronized transcript and video to our secure online repository, or your own. Even a novice can edit the video and create full screen clips showing both transcript and video, or just video. You choose!


  1. Export synchronized video depositions with linked exhibits to other programs such as  TrialDirector, LiveNote®, and Summation®
  2. Copy and paste key testimony excerpts for use in summaries, motions, and briefs
  3. Create single and multi-segment clips; edit multi-segment clips to 1/10th of a second
  4. Email video clips
  5. Take snapshots of any frame in your video
  6. View video transcript testimony and create clips – it’s as easy as using a highlighter!
  7. Use keywords to search through transcripts and jump directly to specific video segments
  8. Review linked exhibits related to the deposition
  9. Print full page or condensed versions of the transcript
  10. Export clips with synchronized text to Microsoft®PowerPoint®
  11. Present video in full screen mode


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