Focus Groups

Would it not be invaluable knowing how vulnerable your adversary and your case positions are from a jury’s perspective?

Research reveals that what attorneys consider important in a case may be completely irrelevant to jurors.

It is invaluable to discover in the early stages of case preparation whether or not there is something about specific litigation issues that would raise social impact and psychologically make the case. Knowing how to address these issues so that a jury accepts your position is an empowering strategic advantage. Learn about essential key issues in a case from the jurors perspective. See what arguments you present that impress the jury and those that need work. Pre-trial Focus Groups pinpoint those issues that resonate with jurors.

Focus groups can enhance settlement negotiations!

  • Predict positions of a typical jury and the underlying reasons why they made their verdict.
  • Learn which of your arguments work best and least and why.
  • Post case, the jurors reveal why the case was accepted or rejected by a jurors.
  • It is a prefect opportunity to introduce evidence and gain feedback why jurors thought i.e. effective or not. Social values and norms, demographics all play a role in interpreting facts and evidence.
  • Give opposing counsel juror feedback on their interpretation of the case and facts. Use this as a negotiating tool.