Legal Transcription

Our certified court reporters transcribe audio court recordings with the same high standards of accuracy, expediency, and responsiveness as they do with their live deposition transcripts. Our goal when receiving an audio recording to transcribe is to provide a product of the highest quality. Things to consider when asking for an audio transcription-

  1. How loud and clear is the recording you are providing?
  2. Do the speakers talk over each other?
  3. How much will the transcription cost? An average speaker talks about 40 pages an hour. The faster a person talks, the more pages transcribed per hour.
  4. In large hearings where there are multiple speakers, are all speakers clearly identified by name before they speak?  Are they in close proximity to the recording device or microphone?

The outcome of your case may depend on the accuracy of the transcript.  Don’t leave to chance that you are getting the best transcription possible.

We do offer you OPTIONS to reduce your transcription costs, Please call our office to discuss these or email Byron at

Whether you need an arbitration, court proceeding, judicial inquiry, or any other proceeding transcribed, we can assist.  Our audio recording transcripts undergo the same quality review process as our court reporting transcripts.