Multi Media Depositions (Pre-Trial Solutions)

“Hands down the most impactful video exhibit presented at trial!”

So much communication is non-verbal and so much hangs on non verbal expressions. Reading a deposition transcript, a jury never “see’s” how evidence introduced impacts a deponents non-verbal response. Witnesses give written testimony, but it doesn’t capture the moment the way video does, and when you have a video deposition, you want to see the subject react to a new piece of evidence.   More impressive is showing the video at trial and the jury seeing the witnesses reaction and non-verbal responses to exhibits introduced by the attorney. No longer do they need to watch two separate screens in court, one showing the video of the deposition and another the exhibit. Now you can!

Benefits of Multimedia video:

  • Our videographers have trial experience and know how you want your PiP videos to look and play at trial.  No one else in Utah has videographers with this experience.
  • We use 100% High Definition digital equipment so you will have the highest quality and perfect picture of your exhibits that contain text, photos, and videos.  You will get it picture perfect every time.
  • Wonder why you can’t read the text on some PiP? It’s because of out-dated equipment (analog) being used.  Go with the best and someone that only uses HD equipment on all parts of the PiP.
  • Visual or audio display – documents, photos, videos, power point presentations, audio and video files.
  • Evidence presented live to a witness as he or she is testifying.
  • Attorneys can annotate the visually displayed information, zoom in and  magnify selected text or images, draw arrows and highlight portions of a document.

Bring your evidence to life in a persuasive and compelling way.





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