National And International Coverage

Our qualified staff of reporters have traveled far and wide in support of our customers. From Paris to the Philippines and New York, Advanced Reporting Solutions can cover all your global deposition needs.

Our concierge services will schedule all your national and international depositions by:

  • Finding you a location
  • The nearest hotel to your deposition location
  • All court reporting, videographer and legal services you need
  • Whether it is realtime, same day rough draft, expedite or expert witness deposition- we have you covered.

Our National Scheduling Staff alleviates:

  • High costs and inconsistent rates across cases and geographies
  • Time wasted searching for a location out of state
  • Inconsistent quality, due to the large number of court reporting providers used.
  • Administrative headaches and costs related to invoicing irregularities.
  • Your time spent vetting multiple vendors

We know international protocols for conducting depositions across the globe. From deposition etiquette, transcript formatting, local guidelines for swearing in witnesses, and more. We do the international homework so you can focus on your deposition.

Advanced Court Reporting Solutions offers:

  • One-call accountability!
  • Greater savings with single source invoicing
  • We eliminate the attorney invoice review bottleneck
  • All transcripts and case files are uploaded to our online repository
  • We deliver electronic invoices to eliminate processing costs
  • Single source customer service department
  • Detailed invoicing
  • All billings include law firm, attorney, witness, case caption and claim numbers

Advanced Reporting Solutions transcripts can be viewed from any device.

  • All transcripts are viewable in several litigation formats
  • No software required
  • All transcripts are hyperlinked to your exhibits and electronically signed
  • Nationwide court reporting enables transcript views from any device, anywhere, any time
  • Transcripts are viewable in several formats
  • No software download required

Send us an email and we will find you a location, reporter, videographer or any other service you require.