Realtime Services


A realtime transcript is the foundation from which every good litigation attorney competes in a deposition.

Wireless realtime done onsite or remotely, streamed to a laptop, iPad, or smartphone can be that edge you are looking for.  The reporters at Advanced Reporting Solutions maintain high degrees of accuracy, are exceptionally professional, capable and experienced and able to offer the following realtime benefits:

  • Immediately view the transcript on a laptop
  • Never miss a proceeding – regardless of your location
  • View live feed on laptops, tablets and iPads
  • Securely chat with colleagues locally and remotely
  • Quick and easy setup – on our devices or yours
  • Pause, review and resume the live session
  • Flag key testimony for follow up and cross examination

Advanced Reporting Solutions technologically innovative court reporters are always ready to offer the most advanced realtime solutions.

  • Stream the transcript live to other attorneys, clients or expert witnesses
  • Immediate rough draft of the transcript following the deposition
  • Gives you a live feed of the proceeding via an internet connection without the need to attend in person

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Realtime Streaming is a fantastic way to see your out of state deponent and receive a verbatim transcript being recorded in realtime by the reporter simultaneously. Conduct your deposition remotely while maintaining effective control of the witness and your line of questioning.