Video Conferencing

Live Video Conferencing Gives You the Flexibility  To Reduce Travel Time & Litigation Costs.

Use live VIDEO STREAMING to increase the positive impact of:

  • Controlling litigation costs without sacrificing the effectiveness of your deposition experience.
  • Eliminate travel related costs and time altogether
  • Conduct depositions of remotely located witnesses
  • Witness preparation / training interviews
  • Meetings to consultation with expert witnesses
  • Mediations and arbitrations
  • Job interviews
  • Last minute witness depositions
  • Connecting multiple location sites onto one screen.
  • Conducting global, realtime deposition participation

Our videoconferencing technology is the most efficient way to present evidence to witnesses, allowing participants at any location to view and annotate key evidence in real time.

Salt Lake City Video Conferencing

Our Videoconferencing Technology allows you to:

  1. Securely talk to a group or individuals on your trial team.
  2. Show exhibits during the deposition in real-time, without having to upload them.
  3. Annotate your exhibits and even highlight the area you are speaking about.
  4. Present exhibits and share annotations across the web with your deponent in another state.
  5. Anti-freeze and audio-priority technology.
  6. Receive a rough draft copy of the day’s real-time proceedings later that evening.

Salt Lake City Video Conferencing

We have eight conference room sizes that seat from 6 to 45 people. Advanced reservation required for large meetings. For more information contact Advanced Reporting Solutions today.